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Friday, January 27, 2012

London Smells Like Lavender

The weather is feels like spring. It's an amazing day to be in London!

I took a real long walk--to Harrod's and neighborhood. Open jackets in January!

It's such a gorgeous store.

On the second floor is a proper bear...but what's that nestled by his tie??

It's my lavender cat! It's been sometimes a tough trip and lavender cat has been here to help. It was made specially for me by my friend Leslie. Lavender cat, I hope we don't get into trouble for this!

Lavender cat taking a break on a lovely British chair near another friendly Harrod's bear.

After Harrod's I found a comfy pub nearby and had fish and chips on the second floor.

Lavender cat had the smashed peas. But obviously not a lot of them.

Not sure anyone uses these anymore...but taking a closer look...

Lavender cat doesn't have a cell phone (a mobile, as we say for the next couple of days). I've got to scramble and find a few pence for her!


  1. I LOVE IT! I knew Lavender Cat would be a good companion for you on this trip!

  2. Hey Susan! Glad to see your trip photos - love that Lavender Cat! We miss you back here in the States! :)

  3. thank you both! i miss you, too. nice that you can see some of the things that i'm seeing-makes you feel closer!