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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coaster #21: VW Bug

And this week is also the anniversary of the Volkswagen Bug's arrival in the U.S.
 January 17, 1949.
To celebrate I made this mug rug (larger than a coaster, smaller than a placemat, the perfect size for a beverage and a snack...) and chose yellow to especially remember my sister Jane's Beetle.
That car was a really big deal. It was loved right up until it burst into flames on Columbus Circle, NYC. No one was harmed, it was the mangled end, though, to a really great car.

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  1. oooo- a VW bug bursting into flames!! Exciting - a good friend of mine in highschool had a pale yellow VW bug - the senior football players moved it one day in the parking lot - they picked it up and carried it to a new spot- Sara and I were looking everywhere trying to find it! 20 years ago, I bought my son (now age 34) a VW bug for his first car - it was pale yellow too - had had only two owners before us (and I knew the second owners very well) - my son absolutely loved it - it cost me $800.00 and would not run over 55 miles per hour. I loved it too! He had a lot of fun with that little car - all his friends were way-envious! Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Susan - I love your coasters!!