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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Candyce and Phil's Wedding

Happy Wedding Day to Candyce and Phil!

The gift of a song AND of singing it to your new bride. That was awesome!

Bethany Church in West Orange, NJ. It was a lovely lovely place to have a wedding.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

you did WHAT? with that pattern?

Soft Dolls & Animals Magazine used to have this feature called "You did WHAT with that pattern?" that was really fun. Readers sent in photos of how they uniquely interpreted patterns that the editors provided. In the previous two blog posts I stayed fairly close to Missy Ballance's Silly Girl pattern. Recently I ventured further...
and created this art doll. The flash has just wiped out the details of the body fabric--I think I'll need to do that shot over at some point. Also it's difficult to see the thin wire that i wrapped around, though some of it comes through on the face. Here's a closeup of that:

the eye and heart beads are both glass; you can see more of the black fabric details in this photo.

this silly family is growing...i don't think it's over yet!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TWO Silly Girls

Two days ago I blogged about the doll that I made using Missy Ballances free pattern and I was eyeing some green fabric to use for a possible friend for her. Last night I made her (I love it when I have an actual learning curve after having done something once before. In sewing especially, that isn't usually my luck.) I went for vintage buttons for her eyes instead of felt and I used fabric strips again for her hair. The thought of doing an army of Silly Girls, tone on tone like this, in different colors crossed my mind ...

Two gals enjoying a summer morning. Truly, this makes me feel good.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Silly Girl

I've been itching to make a stuffie. It's a state I'm usually in. And this weekend I was really feeling like something/someone was missing. That feeling of, "Wasn't there somebody else here with us?" 

I went through some of my folders and found the FREE pattern that Missy Balance gifted the world with here on her site. (Thank you to everyone who ever gives a free pattern or tutorial. That's an AMAZING gift.) I just finished her moments ago and whisked her outside for some photos.

Instead of yarn I used strips of fabric for her hair and I can't wait to do that a lot more on other stuffies. I was too impatient to do the coffee dye bath on muslin, but I used a yellow patterned fabric that holds up pretty nicely. Maybe I rushed through the facial features too much--maybe. I'm eyeing a piece of green fabric that I think would make a great alien friend for her...there are still some hours left : )