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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gang Green

Today's story in reverse:

The Jets beat the Buffalo Bills 28-24

Photos ©2011, the sloppy sewer

We sat under and to the left of this guy's retired number.

Lots of green things to buy at the clubhouse.

I was reunited with the JETS monster that I made for them!

Rossana wearing the JETS Christmas fabric brooch that I made for her.

The pins that I made. One is for their daughter, Stephanie.

We got to the stadium early enough to do some tailgating with Rossana and Joe Spina
and some of their family and friends.

Today I finally got to see a game at the new stadium...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pink: the new color of fall in my town

The pink flamingos are getting closer.
My neighbors Jeff and MaryKate woke up recently to find a nice size flock of plastic pink flamingos on their lawn. I spotted  these Pepto Bismol-colored birds installed at another home during the summer. Whoever owns them puts them up quickly and quietly--Ninja-like--and takes them away just the same after you've let them feed on your lawn for a day.
It gets the neighbors talking to each other. It keeps everyone wondering who's flocking who (whom?) next.

Is pink also going to be the new color of winter in my town?
 I'll keep you posted.

the sloppy sewer

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Geek Wannabe

The send-out deadline for our Journal Cover Swap is  four days away and, if you go to that link, you can see the  covers--and hand-crafted extras--as they make it into the gallery. The journal cover here is the one that I made for love2teach who teaches high school math and science. The design in the middle isn't my own; it's on mugs at zazzle  and t-shirts at fishpie and other places. It's a geeky version of a stop sign with jumbo rickrack standing in for the sine wave. love2teach is an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan and my swap package to her arrived on win day. Double the celebrating!

For the extra I made her a mug rug featuring the chemical symbol for caffeine which is around these days but I still love it. It was my first embroidery project and even though it was small, it was challenging. I do need to summon up more patience so that I can improve.  This is meant to be used because, until it has a healthy caffeine spill on it, it's just not right.

the sloppy sewer