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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Art Doll for Diane

 It's been several weeks since this art doll was completed. I made her for Diane--aka fiddlegirl8--as part of our Invite Your Partner Swap on Craftster.  Here she is in full--she's a flat art doll, meant as a wall hanging.

Close up of her body. Top left fabric is a Christmas fabric (Diane's--and mine--favorite holiday). The gnome represents Diane's avatar, the fox is for woodland creatures. The blue star on red is for her patriotism and the "Jimmy crack corn..." part is because it's something that she is known to say.

I printed out her actual avatar onto fabric for the doll's left leg. The blue fabric above it is  representative of Van Gogh's "Starry Night".

 Mustard seed is embedded into a jewelry finding.

One of Diane's favorite bible verses is Mark 4: 31-32.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

And a few more signs of Boston

Hanging in the Commons

A tree in the Commons.

 We went to Sunday services at Reunion Christian Church at the Hilton. Love me some Jesus!

Next stop on the Green Line.

We saw "The Dish and the Spoon" at the Paramount and director Alison Bagnall was there to dicuss the film before and after. 

Signs of Boston

And this was NOT the only olive oil tasting bar on Newbury Street.

 We had some really great veggie burgers at "b. good" on Dartmouth Street. I loved this sign..."We grind our burgers with beef from Kristy." I couldn't wait for people to move away so that I could have this shot forever.

Boston Frosty directs traffic on the back of a snack truck outside the Commons.

A sign attached to a railing above street traffic.

And another one at a street corner nearby.

 This overly feminine rabbit was hiding oddly at the very bottom of a traffic light.

The CVS by Fenway Park. I just love those retro socks design.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend in Boston-1

 The College Club of Boston where we stayed--perfect location, very nice women running it--no TVs in the rooms.

 A few blocks from  The College Club is the Boston Commons. This is the Arlington Street Church across the street from there.

 We lucked out with beautiful weather.

 And lots of critters were enjoying the Commons, too.

 On Boylan St.