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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pink: the new color of fall in my town

The pink flamingos are getting closer.
My neighbors Jeff and MaryKate woke up recently to find a nice size flock of plastic pink flamingos on their lawn. I spotted  these Pepto Bismol-colored birds installed at another home during the summer. Whoever owns them puts them up quickly and quietly--Ninja-like--and takes them away just the same after you've let them feed on your lawn for a day.
It gets the neighbors talking to each other. It keeps everyone wondering who's flocking who (whom?) next.

Is pink also going to be the new color of winter in my town?
 I'll keep you posted.

the sloppy sewer


  1. I've seen those here in Virginia too! Looks like someone got a surprise that day!

  2. you did!!!
    well, then it's a something in other states, too? ahhh, someone is making a couple of dollars from their flamingo manufacturing.

  3. Oh I would love to randomly do that! Lol