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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TWO Silly Girls

Two days ago I blogged about the doll that I made using Missy Ballances free pattern and I was eyeing some green fabric to use for a possible friend for her. Last night I made her (I love it when I have an actual learning curve after having done something once before. In sewing especially, that isn't usually my luck.) I went for vintage buttons for her eyes instead of felt and I used fabric strips again for her hair. The thought of doing an army of Silly Girls, tone on tone like this, in different colors crossed my mind ...

Two gals enjoying a summer morning. Truly, this makes me feel good.


  1. I love this new girl too! The buttons make perfect eyes, and I have to say, your choice of the green eyelet fabric for her skin was very brave...and it works!

  2. Oh yes, a rainbow-army of silly girls!! I love the shiny eyes of your green silly girl!

    Hahaha, you could name one Wendie, after all I am a silly girl for real ;-)

  3. Such wonderfully original dolls, Susan! I would love to be inside your head, if only for an hour or so - I'm inspired by you! I'm keeping tuned for more silly girls - you do have a knack of making each one special.

    So cute!!