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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Silly Girl

I've been itching to make a stuffie. It's a state I'm usually in. And this weekend I was really feeling like something/someone was missing. That feeling of, "Wasn't there somebody else here with us?" 

I went through some of my folders and found the FREE pattern that Missy Balance gifted the world with here on her site. (Thank you to everyone who ever gives a free pattern or tutorial. That's an AMAZING gift.) I just finished her moments ago and whisked her outside for some photos.

Instead of yarn I used strips of fabric for her hair and I can't wait to do that a lot more on other stuffies. I was too impatient to do the coffee dye bath on muslin, but I used a yellow patterned fabric that holds up pretty nicely. Maybe I rushed through the facial features too much--maybe. I'm eyeing a piece of green fabric that I think would make a great alien friend for her...there are still some hours left : )


  1. Thanky! She's real breezy to make!

  2. I love her so much! She is soooo cute! You did a nice job on the face, and I'm glad you left off the nose from the pattern, she looks better that way. Love her, and all your stuffies!

  3. awww, Leslie, thank you. Thanks for noticing about the nose--nothing escapes those crafty eyes--nothing. And now I know for SURE that i was right in nixing it..