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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Doll in Lili Mieli's Window

 The shop Lili Meili and Beau currently has this rag doll in their window. 

Just three straight stitches intersecting make up each eye; a small piece of felt with one small stitch is the mouth. That one stitch keeps the mouth on and divides it into lips. 
So simple and so nice!

 The hair looks like layers of recycled pieces of knit with straight stitches here and there to keep it in place. I really like that.

When I got home today after taking these pictures,  I found this photo of some other dolls from the same maker.


  1. That doll is indeed sweet and charming! What kind of a store is that--a toy store, gift shop, or what?

  2. i really have to go in there, leslie. i got a glance of some offbeat plush in there, too. it's sort of all of those kinds of stores i think. very gifty with very young people in mind.

  3. I really like this rag doll too. Susan, you have an eye for unique and quirky things that I like. I want you to be my personal shopper!

    I enjoy seeing New York and New Jersey through your eyes and pictures. Lovely and inspiring, always!

    diane - fiddlegirl8

  4. It is a very nice doll! I totally agree with all of you. So delicate and elegant with only a few stitches: amazing!

    I bet you can make something like that too! Your dolls are always very unique and fun! A little change in style is very challenging: are you up to that?

    Love to see your version! :-)