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Friday, June 8, 2012

2 guys trying to play 1 game for 54 hours

Before going to work today I stopped off at a pub on 33rd St. No, that's not one of my problems. Two guys from Minnesota are there, even now as I write, trying to beat the Guinness Book of World Records for longest time playing a board game non-stop. 

That's Brett Carow on the left and his friend Sam Hennemann on the right. You can read maybe too much about them and the whole thing here.

I got to Foley's Pub ("The Irish Bar with a Baseball Attitude")  around 8:15 and they were almost a full day into playing. Guinness allows 5 minutes break for every one hour of playing. By this morning they had only used up 15 minutes and were "banking" as much time as they could.

They are avid Strat-O-Matic players and 54 hours is enough time to play every MLB team.

I can't tell you how much sports memorabilia is at Foley's. TONS and TONS of things, floor to ceiling. They have an insane amount of baseballs...

Boxing gloves...

 They have stadium seats...

But what they do not have is ANYONE singing Danny Boy! This is from
Another fun fact: See that anti-Danny Boy sign? Foley’s made news for banning that popular song for the entire month of March 2008. Foley’s lists several reasons for the Danny Boy outlaw: it’s depressing, it’s misused and overused on St. Patrick’s Day, and the lyrics were composed by an Englishman, for Hail Mary’s sake.

Outside of Foley's. It was a nice bite of an adventure. Good luck to Brett and Sam!

UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS Brett and Sam for breaking the world record for continuous board game play!


  1. All kinds of things happen in New York! Be sure to let us know how this ends!

  2. What a crazy record! I've never heard of that game. Keep us posted on whether or not they make it!! They seem to be having fun.

  3. Oh my, that is a very long time of playing board game! Amazing that they did that for so long!!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us!