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Monday, January 2, 2012

a fabric resolution for 2012

i gave my friend leslie the book zakka sewing as a Christmas present. but i was inspired by an article in the current issue of sew somerset to do more than wrapping paper.

in the magazine lindsay ostrom, who has a blog here, talks about her "little bitty bags". They are very scrappy--which i love--bags that she makes, usually with muslin as her blank canvas. after the bag's constructed, she embellishes them beautifully and colorfully and wildly.

i just really like the idea of giving gifts wrapped in some kind of fabric container. a container that becomes useful in itself. in fact, while leslie was waiting to get a cover for her new ipad, she used this bag! she said it was a great fit and the bright color made it easy to find where the ipad was last used!


  1. How exciting to look at your blog and see the bag you made for me! SUCH a good idea to make a bag to "wrap" a gift in--I love this bag at least as much as the book it came with! And I am still using it to keep my iPad safe when I'm not using it; the ribbon handle is perfect, so can hang it on an out-of-the-way doorknob and I know it will be safe!

  2. I really like this idea - making a fabric container for gifts! I like your choice of fabric and the handle is so unique, also the heart patch on the front of the bag. Nice work, Susan!!