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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

coaster #14: migraine me

yesterday was another day that went coasterless and that's because i had a horrible migraine. i did. i'm upset that it happened so early in the new year. 
so tonight i made two coasters but since they're unrelated, they'll each get their own post. 

this is migraine me, above, but as if i still had all brown hair which i do not. 
it's a blogger's prerogative to pretty herself up for the public.

i could see how a coaster like this could come in very handy for a party's host/hostess. when a guest is on their way to another drink too many, you switch up their coaster to something like this.
I could call them "Last Call Coasters."

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  1. I like this migraine girl, I just wish you didn't have to experience migraines to be inspired to make her.