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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Funky London 2012

Open till LATE? Hedging your bets for the nights that you have to catch a show on the BBC?

In a front garden across the street from Harrods. This was a surprise. Not sure why it's chained...seems like it has a bunch of leaves to go before it would want to wander.

A topiary pig smack in the middle of a really posh neighborhood.

I went to the Southbank Centre and saw a few exhibits--and an amazing one-man play--about death. That was called "An Instinct for Kindness" by Chris Lerner.

Guitar coffin

Lion coffin

A mom and dad commissioned a coffin that looked like this for their son.

A woman whose earliest fondest memories are of going to the ballet with her grandfather commissioned this coffin.

There was a huge wall of chalkboard where visitors could write goals that they want to complete before they die. One of my favorites was, "Find my spare pair of glasses."

Still pretty funky

On the funky side

For such private people--and they are!--this is a surprising statue.


  1. I love all these pictures! Did you write something on the "before I die" wall?

  2. i didn't but if i did, it might have been something along the lines of, "Before I die, I'd like to sew one thing as professionally as Leslie!"
    that would guarantee me a nice long life!