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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Celebrate the Holidays with a Ninni

Santa Ninni made by the sloppy sewer

Back in May my friend Leslie and I organized our first swap on We had an amazing 49 crafters sign up to make a monster Ninni. It was an act of plushie adventureness as none of us had even heard of a Ninni before.

Ninni was designed by Suse, an artist in Berlin,  over at  RevoluzZza. (That link gives you the pattern and her tutorial). The two great things about Ninnis are that they are real easy and real fun to make and they can end up being...anything. Three great things. Here's a  link to the gallery of Craftster's first Ninni swap--including all the names of the people who said, "Whatever it is, I'll make it!"

After the success of that first Ninni swap Leslie and I had envisioned other rounds of Ninni to follow and  that is going to happen for holiday this year! Our current plan is to put it up in the swap  idea thread on Nov. 3 and have sign ups from Nov. 6 to 12. If you're a Craftster member, I hope you can join us and if you're not--join now and you can be in a swap in just one month!


  1. Oh my goodness! You two keep starting too many good swaps. ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


    but . . . I don't really want to do more than one swap at a time & I'm SO doing the scrappy one!

    ohh heck - I'm crap at resolutions, and it seems this one is no different!

    I'm in :)

    (craftster mini_mum)

  4. Oh, if the excitement is already brewing, we are in for a fantastic Ninni swap. I easily predict dozens will be unleashed soon! YEA!