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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pigs Might Fly

Well I had just finished making two pigs for teachart for the latest tiny stuffie swap over at and I thought I would take them out to the big city before wrapping them up to go to upstate NY.

Teachart is a catcher in a softball league. She plays for "Pigs Might Fly" and their team colors are tie-dye. I knew immediately what to make for her but then everything else--the design, the fabric, the embellishments--needed to be filled in.

Rainbow pig at left is looking out a window of 620 6th  Avenue where we had just gone shopping. Her body is fleece but her wings are ooo-la-la silk. I had the perfect pink button to give it just the right porcine touch.

But while I was making her I had another idea about "Pigs Might Fly". What if they never actually sprout wings? Might they NEVER fly?
And so superhero pig was created.  



Superhero pig playing in Union Sq. Park

Photos © the sloppy sewer

Time for you guys to fly!

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  1. Cute piggies! I love the NYC photo shoot, especially the last picture.