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Saturday, October 1, 2011

I did WHAT with Leslie's Mystery Critter Pattern?

My friend Leslie created a pattern over at her blog and we used it as the basis for a Craftster swap that is finishing up now. As soon as Leslie posted the tutorial, I made the day/night critter on the left as a test run. My swap partner, abbeyrd83 (who should be receiving today so I'm good to post
this...I hope), is a Polynesian dancer. That's what inspired me to create the critter on the right. It's way cuter than my usual stuffies. The other one, much more my DNA.
A few mystery critters are already in the gallery. You can see what a bunch of us did with Leslie's pattern now and in the next week here.


  1. I love them both, but my fave is that Polynesian dancer --- how cute! Your swap partner is so lucky.