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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mug Rugs

"Bigger than a coaster, smaller than a placemat" is how big most mug rugs are. That's because they're meant to hold your beverage and a piping hot fresh fruit muffin, a flaky croissant, a half-brownie from yesterday, a piece of something that still looks quite edible.

Mug rugs are usually sewn and very often pieced or appliqued like a little quilt. Google "mug rugs"  and you'll find a slew of great photos, tutorials and patterns. Make one and you'll likely be surprised at how much it enhances snack time.

This is the mug rug that I made for Somehowtainted in Craftster's round  2  Mug Rug swap:

I had been struggling for days and made/half made three other mug rugs before I realized that I wanted to make one that was more like a flat doll. I am real pleased with how it turned out.

This is the mug rug that Somehowtainted made for me:
The woman can EMBROIDER like nobody's business, right? I'm glad that the skull is on the left side. Less of a chance that I'll ruin it. A few of us had been waiting a long time for this swap to come around again. Honestly, I hope another one gets going soon. It was great fun. 

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