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Friday, September 2, 2011

sitting on the porch, saying goodbye to summer

When you sew you are always just a little bit of fabric away from having a friend. If you slept with a stuffie as an infant, if you threw parties for them as a toddler, if they still had the best places in your bedroom as a teenager, chances are you still get something--a little bit of an ache over there--when you see one that feels special to you.

I had that bond with a slew of stuffed animals. That's what we called them back then, in the day before cute monsters, aliens and critters became part of the species. There was a time in elementary school, that's what we called it back in the day, when I was sleeping with about a dozen: a giant snake, a dog,  a Raggedy Ann, a teddy bear, I can't remember who else right now. We were all best friends, this worn-out, colorful group of inanimates and me. And I really felt love for them.

This summer I made quite a few stuffies.  Most of them--including the little green monster at top, the pair of primitive cats above and the fox, below, were sent to "swap partners" including in the UK and Finland.


After finishing them and leaving a little bit of time to hang out with them, I carefully packed them up. In each box, I included treats. The intention was for my swap partners, but maybe not. Maybe I was caring for the stuffies the way I cared for my childhood stuffed animals;  when I went from my bedroom to the bathroom to the bedroom, until each one had a goodnight drink of water.

Goodbye summer and summer creatures. May you be very well taken care of.

The Sloppy Sewer

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  1. I loved my stuffed animals as a child too, but I never had enough! That's why I like making them now...I can have as many as I want!