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Saturday, September 17, 2011

What I Got for $33.02 Today at Jo-Ann...

According to the sales slip, I checked out at 10:55 am. Though I did take a nap today, I'd like to say that in the last 7 hours of just owning--not even LOOKING again at this abundance--I've gotten my money's worth! Fabric. Faaaaaa-bric.
(Did the last one sound a little zombie-ish in your head when you read it?
It should have.

I'm thinking now it's no wonder I collapsed in bed after this.  Such a terrific haul.  I was way more tired than I  usually am after shopping.
Even for....faaaa-bric.
I like having a blog because when the fabric is gone, it can live on here. Like a fabric museum, or even memorial.

I'm never one for buying anything other than quilter's cotton, but at the half off remnants bin there was this wonderful piece of, let me look--"Rainbow Anti-Pill Fleece" (Anti? I feel a bit renegade myself.). It was 40% off (regular special for your highest priced item) the 50% off of $12.99 for the yard. Lets just say, cheap.

These days I like to make monsters mostly using yellow and green fabric. I was disappointed to not find any yellow fabric that suited  me (with some tone on tone design going on). But I did find these wonderful green fabrics:

Close-ups because these are really cool. The design of the one on top is eyelet! I just love eyelet. As far as the wonders of fabric go, I'd say eyelet is a calm-me-down fabric. So here it is, without the holes.  CLEVER! 
"Garden Party Eyelet" at the regular price: $9.99 a yard.

I love the swirls hidden in this green fabric AKA "Libby Bead Scroll"--$2.10 for a half yard:

On the goofier side I could not resist these two fabrics. A half yard each or I couldn't leave the store. They are "Fruit Spots Multi" for $2.10 the half and
"Tools on Red" for $4.19 the half (I hope this all adds up in the end. Let me know.)

You can't leave a fabric store without something animal-related. This is
"Multi Cats on Cream" which I got for $2.10 for the half.

Finally (I bet YOU'RE ready for a nap now. Right?). Four FQs that, at $1.49 each, are called "Assorted Light Fat Q" no matter which ones you buy. At one time, long ago, they had a fancy name, too. Not that "Multi Cats on Cream" is the best name ever.

These will also work great for monster-making. Subdued enough so that the face and other features I add will totally show off, but enough of a little something going on to make it interesting on its own.

This blog is in no way affiliated with Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores except that, really, they should be mailing me shares by now.

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  1. Nice haul! I agree, you should have bought mirror the multi cats on cream!

  2. Uhhh, I mean, you should have bought MORE, not mirror...