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Monday, September 5, 2011

Just rollin' with your gnomies

One of my favorite things about living on the internet are downloadable PDF patterns. There are loads of PDF patterns for stuffies and other little things. Some are free, some seem overpriced and many really good ones cost very little.  For an impatient sewer like myself, PDF patterns mean that, with the help of Paypal, I can have a pattern waiting in my inbox within hours, maybe less if the seller is as impatient as I am. (They usually are, hooray!)

"When you’re just rollin’ with your gnomies, these adorable guys are perfect company! Fill their bottoms with beans and use them as bowling pins, snuggle up when you're reading a book. They are certainly ready for an adventure!
This pattern is for Beginning Sewing Level."

Sounded good, plus the accompanying picture with five fabulous Garden Gnomes, made me feel so middle earth, like I never had before.  At the time, I was just beginning to make a gnome-themed apron for fiddlegirl8. This looked like the perfect extra.

Was it going to be quick sell, a no-sell, something I had to think about?
(I don't want to think when I want to sew.)
$3.00 seals the deal in a heartbeat! A gnome's heartbeat which must be pretty fast, right? They're so small. Not only that but the pattern is drawn to give three different-sized gnomes to make over and over and over again.
And look how cute it turned out. It lives in Kansas now. I'm not kidding.

Just telling you in case you need to know: the "My Friendly Garden Gnomes" pattern is on, in a store called artistry.

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