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Saturday, September 17, 2011

One Pattern: So MANY Monsters!

Leslie and I are wrapping up our
Hungry Monster Nom Nom Swap over at (see blog post of August 21 for free online pattern location).  The pattern is a simple one--a good one for even the beginningest of sewers.

As craftsters receive their swaps, they take photos and put them in a gallery devoted to that swap. The gallery for the Hungry Monster Nom Nom swap has been one of the most amazing I've ever seen. How people crafted around that pattern to create monsters so special for their partner is stunning.  You can feast your eyes on that gallery HERE

I made the yellow monster sitting on top of my sewing machine for Smmarrt who, like me, is a fan of the monster maker known as Junker Jane. This monster turned out to be one of my most favorite things I ever made. Her mouth pouch--which is designed to hold things like CANDY--was stitched up so close, that I could only fit a small roll of Smarties in the far right side. Her stringy hair is embroidery floss, the blush is real.

From the same pattern, but for a different partner I made a cat along with a mouse bookmark.

I had planned to put some fruity candy in the mouth pouch (one of the sweets that this partner--edenkitty--likes, but the monster had plans of her own...

The thing was, this cat looked suspicious as soon as those eyes were sewn on! I really should have known.

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