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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

At the end of every hurricane that's downgraded to a tropical storm...

there can be a rainbow--depending on your stash of fabrics.

Honestly, I don't so much sew as I buy fabric. If you buy enough fabric--and I'm not sure what the exact amount is--you are a sewer. Lots of people haven't sewn for years, but they bought fabric like yesterday. Why? Because they're sewers who need fabric even though they aren't sewing.

You bring the bolts up to the counter for cutting. A yard of this, a yard of that. Oh, OK, I'll take the rest of the bolt. Snip, snip. Fold and fold, pay.

So buying fabric is sewing AND looking at fabric is, I think, sewing, too! If you keep buying enough fabric, it takes longer and longer to look at what you've got. That's called sewing time! Having a sewing machine is nice and, visually, it does ground one in as being a sewer. But necessary? Debatable.

Having lots of fabric means never having to confine your thinking to, "I can use one of those five red fabrics that I have to make that fox." It's going knee deep into the bin of red fabrics and finding mystery yardage -- fabric that you absolutely do not remember buying. Sort of like drunk dialing. Maybe. I don't know.

In a recent swap we made wrist cuffs. One of my partners loved rainbows so I patched together pieces of fabric, in ROY G BIV order (or, at top, VIB G YOR order). I had so much to choose from, I got tipsy. The quantity of fabric alone was to blame, but I was also thinking maybe I should air out some of the bottom fabrics more often. In any event.

Having lots of fabric means you get to see a rainbow whenever you want to. During Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene, I absolutely found it comforting, just by itself, to spend time with mine.

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