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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fabric on the Cheap

I got about a yard of this fabric at a garage sale this summer for a dollar. For the right person, on the right project, it could also be good for appliques. I just kind of like that line look and for the price, I could not walk away.

The Joann's nearest me had a huge selection of remnants this week because they were having inventory taken. I got just under half a yard of this peacock feather cotton print for $1.04. I think it's super. 

This yard came from the same garage sale as the first fabric. Though I wouldn't say celestial is a theme I go for usually, it all works together pretty well and, again, for $1.00 it's a welcome addition to the stash.

It was a pretty good summer for me, fabric-wise.
How about you?
The Sloppy Sewer

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