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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hungry Monster: Another Reason Why We Need Each Other

Come ON! One of these is just plain SCARY! The other, beeeeeep!, scary CUTE!
On the site, my friend Leslieshappyheart and I join other crafters in swapping things that we make especially for each other via questionnaires and crafty STALKING.

We are currently co-organizing a swap called the Hungry Monster Nom-Nom swap which was created, under the name Monster Tooth Pillow, by Ellen at Being the sloppy sewer that I am, a condition which seems resiliantly chronic, I did a trial run before bestowing one on an unsuspecting partner. It's a simple and lovely pattern that works so great with so many fabrics.

In what is like a 7-step process at most, I ran into trouble. I didn't realize it until I put candy in the monster's mouth and saw that its teeth were BELOW the candy. Worse, I just couldn't see where I went wrong. Do you ever have a mental block over the simplest activity?

Well, if you are lucky enough to have a LesliesHH in your life, whom I have been so gifted to have out of nowhere, you plead with her for help. No. You don't even have to do that at all. You mention it and the next thing you know, she posts a step by step picture tutorial on her blog Leslies Art and Sew right here on blogspot. The woman can sew the way my cats can shed on dark fabrics. Insanely. Besides clearing up my problem with positioning the teeth, Leslie also noted that she went further in on the fabric to place the buttons than the original tute. Yup, she threw that in for free, and that also made a big difference. Every little creative thing can just change EVERYTHING.

So, sew,  in the time it takes me to thread a needle, ahem, I went from Scary Bad Hungry Monster to Scary Cute Hungry Monster.
I wish you this: that you all have or get soon a friend like Leslie. And not just because she helps you out of your sewing messes. Though, you have to admit looking at this picture, that that would be reason enough.

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  1. Thank you Susan! You are an awesome friend and I appreciate your kind words more than I can say!