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Monday, December 26, 2011

well, there's not much to prep i don't think

i might start making the 365 coasters tomorrow. i'm taking off from work this week and isn't it new year's day in new zealand already or somewhere?

here's what i think kicked off the idea for this self-challenge:

i found four quilted coasters that i made maybe a year and a half ago (my memory is genetically very bad).

at first i figured that most of the 365 would be sewn, but then i realized that on bad days--like migraine days and other desperation days which are sure to come--well, pretty much ANYTHING can be a coaster.

i made some quick templates today of 5" X 5" squares (and 4" X 4" for inside layers) and about the same in circle diameters:

and that's where i am. i'd like to mention that i right now have three drinks on the desk. a bottle of water, a glass of water and a glass of wine. those four quilted coasters are on the floor behind me. maybe the world doesn't need 365 more coasters. but there not many 365 things i can fit into this room.

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