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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Merry Monster Ninnis

My friend Leslie and I organized a Christmas/Winter Ninni swap on craftster. Some Ninnis, and other really cool Ninni-related craftings, are already in the gallery and more are on the way. I am slowly getting better at figuring out how to make my fabric go in the right direction which is why I like looking at this.
Ornaments hanging down, just like they're supposed to in our gravity-soaked world.

We used this Santa Ninni as our icon throughout the swap.

I made this elf Ninni for Momof2! She hadn't been on Craftster long enough to officially be in the swap, so we swapped along with everyone else and it was very fun.
When I look at this stuffie, I see Leslie's influence all over it because pre-Leslie (PL) I can hardly think of making something this, well, cute. I am happily surprised to see this and say, "Yeah, I made that!"

 And I made this winter Hedwig Ninni for tightights who was my official partner in the swap. I guess I didn't take a final photo of it, because I did make it a festive scarf and I did blush it up a little bit more. Tighttights is an ardent Harry Potter fan and I thought this would be the perfect stuffie companion for her to take into the new year. To the  right is a passport cover I made for her for her upcoming trip to Italy and below is mug rug with one of her fave characters.

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  1. Hooray for cute Ninnis! We all learn and grow through our crafty interactions; you have influenced me as much as I have influenced you, Susan!