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Thursday, December 29, 2011

meet a grundle

my friend fiddlegirl8 (aka diane) gifted me with a grundle pattern during the 
Crafter's Apron Swap" on  here is the first grundle that i made, relaxing outside the train terminal in hoboken, nj.

i was worried that her arms were a bit wonky--which they ARE. but diane really likes her and named her
"heartstrings"when she finally arrived at her house two days ago.

i took "heartstrings" into work with me and took advantage of the wonderful Christmas trees that they were selling on 6th ave. and 16th st. if she smells slightly piney, diane, this is why.

the grundle pattern can be bought on etsy at  whosiesandwhatnots. you can also see a couple of "heartstrings" relatives there,  too.


  1. Heartstrings is so wonderful! Thank you for bringing her into my life!! :D from, diane

  2. So very cute! Diane, you got a little handmade treasure! I love it when you take pictures of stuffies out in the real world, Susan!