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Monday, September 17, 2012


the arch in washington square park
aurora and i toured new york university today. I'm excited that she ended up being really excited about the school.

as cool as it seemed decades ago when i went,  it's crazy incredible now. we had a great day.

aurora by the fountain

A great view from the student center
You can easily see the Empire State Building too

windows were open right out to the street where we had lunch

aurora stepped outside to make a phone call and i started to people watch...

this man had dozens of pigeons around him and on him. 
they were waiting to sit on his head
and we walked across the park and a bit around the village to get to the train.


  1. Great pictures, looks like it was a beautiful day in NYC! It would be awesome if she chose to go to NYU; close to home is good!

  2. close to home would really be good, leslie. we'll see what happens. away has been a priority for her up until today. a beautiful day : )