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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

most unusual tool i use in crafting?

up until recently my answer would be one that's common to dollmakers and some other crafters: medical forceps for turning arms, legs and other parts right-side out. but now my favorite tool is my honda.

 in the past couple of months i've become crazy in love with bottlecaps that have been weathered or distressed in other ways. in santa fe i found bottlecaps that were like treasures really. i snatched up a few there, in parking lots, along a highway.  these days, i'm buying some from ebay and rusting them myself (more on that soon) and rolling my car over them. this weekend i reversed and forwarded over a bunch of them. it must have looked like i was just learning how to drive.

but i love the results.... pretty, right? real pretty!

i made this doll for spookypooky in craftster's art doll swap. she has a very deep love of disney and will probably be working there in the future. i used a pattern that she also likes and changed it to be this girlmouse. 

and her necklace is a bottlecap on a piece of twine. i just think that this really adds the touch. i have 200 soda caps coming very soon--i thought maybe i should have some non-alc on hand. plus it's more to play with.


  1. Great art doll, Susan! How did you put the "Mickey" on the bottle cap?

  2. thanks, leslie. always, thanks! i found it on google images and then shrunk it, cut it out and just used elmer's and it held ok on the metal.

  3. What a smart way to get a cool distressed look! Hmmm, what do I have around that I could run over??

    That art doll is great and sooo Spooky. She must love it!