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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

big bang theory craftings

my final craftings of summer 2012 was for a surprise swap that Leslie and i hosted. my partner's favorite themes were alaska (her home state) and the tv show big bang theory. i crafted the above tote bag using a bleaching method described in this brief tute. it was not easy to do on quilter's cotton as it bled all over the first bunch of times. tshirts i would think are a lot easier for this method.

the atoms fabric is from DC comics green lantern line and worked really well with the big bang theme.

 the big bang vesion of rock, paper, scissors adds two other possibilities to the game--lizard and spock. i found images on the net and made her a set of magnets with them.

and some mathy coasters for her and her hub to use when watching the show

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