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Sunday, September 30, 2012

dallas fall toy show 2012

is it me or could  the toy industry have come up with like a sign that makes our business look like FUN? at the luggage carousel, dallas airport.

entryway to to the dallas market center as people trickle in for final preparations for the show, oct. 2-4.

outside our booth. i told the sales force that i'd creep in and we could try that magician trick with the swords. no takers. the offer stands.

men at work

jim pressman, brett eiseman, jean-paul teskey

jeff sanes off to the left and gregg mintz foreground

brian mcquillan seated and jeff sanes in back

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  1. you are too hilarious.... I will pay to see you do the magic trick, I'll be there wednesday, will come by and visit!