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Sunday, October 28, 2012

my hurricane doll

i decided to make a very fast doll tonight in anticipation of losing electricity in the house and not being able to sew.  a doll to have especially for this storm.

the four fabrics i chose. i dont remember why i bought the dallas cowboys fabric. and i don't have much left, but i really do like it.

pieces cut and some sewn

still wondering at this point what does she look like?

junker jane inspired for sure

close up of dallas. created just in time for massive winds, heavy rain. im glad she's here to help me get through all that!


  1. I love her! For such a simple doll, Dallas has a TON of personality. I would like to know how you made her hair, it looks great!

  2. leslie--you asked THE question--no surprise there. there are people online--ebay and etsy--offering "silk sari ribbon". it's leftover scraps of silk from saries that people use to knit with. beautiful colors and falls for doll hair nicer than even cotton fabric. i even used a piece of the sari ribbon for the mouth--just hand stitched it on. the strips of sari ribbon come tied end to end to end. for doll hair making, just cut off what i needed and, for dallas, i only tacked it on along the top. she has no hair in the back at all. thanks for the compliments. wondering if theres time to make a hurricane friend for her : )

  3. She is full of personality!! A stormy personality, I suppose. I hope she's kept you safe in the storm. Take care.

  4. I surely hope you and your loved ones are al right Susan! I can't stop and think about the storm Sandy. What I saw on the news was so bad!

    You doll is another art doll if you ask me! Thanks for sharing her with us and your doll hair technique and fabric.

  5. This is another great doll. I hope that all is well with you and yours.