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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


my friend leslie and i are just finishing up a halloween ninni swap on  craftster. (the tutorial and pattern for making monster ninnis is here).

my swap partner was hayleylujah whose BIRTHDAY is on halloween! i made her this frankenstein monster ninni, complete with bolts and a head injury and a candy corn fang.

this is another ninni that i made for the swap that just didn't go right, i don't think.  
i was passing a building around 21st st. and i saw this crate near their freight elevator. i really love posing plush in places i don't belong.

and the final ninni taking its turn in random office building. he was sent off with some real candy corn and a few extra yummies.


  1. I love them both! The head injuries are especially realistic looking! The candy corn tooth was a stroke of creative genius!

  2. I think it is because of the eyes! Both are creepy-cute, which is a good thing for a Halloween-Frankenstein-ninni!

    Oh yes, that candy corn tooth is funny and was a great idea.

    I always love your dolls, Susan. I think I have said that a million times already, hahaha.