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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Montclair Film Festival

I love this program cover for Montclair's first Film Festival.

I went to one event tonight called The What Is It?:
Don’t miss this one-time-only event. Stand-up comedians Rory Albanese and Adam Lowitt (executives on The Daily Show) host and comment on a collection of strange and esoteric film clips. The event is co-presented by the Orphan Film Symposium, an organization dedicated to preserving neglected films including educational shorts, home movies, amateur productions & more. Orphans curator Dan Streible is assembling a collection of bizarre, surprising and unforgettable works for Rory and Adam to give their comic interpretations.

And I have tickets to two events for tomorrow's closing day/night:
Brooklyn Castle
The Audience Award winner at SXSW, Brooklyn Castle looks at how chess transformed an inner city school where a majority of students’ families live below the poverty level. The school I.S. 318 has the most winning junior high school chess team in the nation. But a series of recession-driven public school budget cuts now threaten to undermine those hard-won successes. The film follows several of the school’s players and makes us acutely aware of why schools deserve greater resources.

Michael Moore: On Film and Community
Michael Moore has an Oscar (Bowling for Columbine), an Emmy (TV Nation) and a recent best-selling book (Here Comes Trouble). He also co-founded the Traverse City Film Festival that brought significant cultural and economic improvements to upstate Michigan (and serves as an inspiration to Montclair). MFF director Thom Powers interviews Moore about the transformative power of film. Since Moore is never short on opinions, there’s no telling where this conversation will go, especially during an election year.

Looking forward to both of these!

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