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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Congrats Toy Design 2012 Graduates!

I have been teaching Game Design at NY's Fashion Institute of Technology for about 20 years. There's only two universities in the U.S. where students can get a degree in Toy Design and FIT's is a very very rigorous program. This was a really wonderful class. It was an honor, really, to teach them.

Today was graduation day and the Toy Department had a breakfast for the graduates, their families and faculty.

Jordan, me and Karen.

Kei, Vince and Karen.

Jiyhe and Scooby!
The students embellished their caps with toys to distinguish themselves from the fashion and marketing and textile, etc.  graduates.

Kei had a pinwheel on his--in school colors.

Jordan created a very Lego cap.

Ashley balancing a pig from Angry Birds.

Alexa gets a hand from Ki. The doll on Alexa's cap looked just like her.

Keysha and Alexa

Jiyhe, BK and a friend of BK's.

Ashley, Karen, Jordan and Enrique. Enrique made his cap topper out of  perler beads.

Judy Ellis, the chairwoman of the Toy Design Department, with Scott.

A table in the toy lab where we teach. Family passing time before going to graduation which was at
the Javits Center this year.

Room with a view. Jason: producer and actor and critical part of the program.

Ashley, Jiyhe, Scott and Bobby.

Just a section of the fabric samples available for students to use in making their plush.


  1. What an interesting post, Susan! This gives me a lot more insight into what you do. Congrats to the graduates. Great caps!

  2. hey, leslie! they are SO talented and SO nice--i'm really going to miss them--it was way inspiring to teach this group every week. fun on the caps, right?!

  3. Susan - I'll bet you LOVE your job - how exciting - No wonder you make such cool stuff in swaps! NOW I get it!

  4. Susan! You have the neatest job! It looks like a great group of students. I'm sure they'll miss you.

  5. Thank you fiddlegirl and Lime! Honestly, I miss this class a lot already.