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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guerilla Art

As a bit of background I created the program for my church's Women's Health Day which was last Saturday. It was the first time that I created a program-style sheet--8.5 X 11 folded, booklet style. I was pretty excited about it--like overly excited. That I couldn't stop printing and looking at it, that when Michelle G. ran it through the church's printer on pretty blue paper stock I might have finally seen Heaven. So when that was over I was thinking that it might be fun to make up, like, fake programs for events that never happened. I overly like that idea. Adding to that was the fact that I'm getting pretty ticked off that NJ Transit's so-called "Quiet Cars"--the first car going into NYC and the last car leaving--are getting flipping noisy. I googled NJ Transit quiet cars today and what the heck, I find out they were put into effect on my train line on May 11, 2011. Soooo, I get the idea to make a small program for that anniversary and then, here we go, to leave a small amount on the seats in the quiet car!

 I made it up, printed a few out and I put one just like this  ^ on like the 7th seat and then I sat behind on like the 12th seat. The numbers are more or less. I'm not a numbers' person. I'm just trying to give you a visual.

This was the first cover design ^ that I made. Since I had a few, I also put one of these down as I was getting off at my stop.  

I expect to put maybe 4 or 5 out tomorrow, maybe more since I'll have the train going in too. And a bunch more, if all goes well and I don't get arrested, on May 11.

Here's what I printed inside. It's not like the funniest thing in the world but, in context of me Ninjalike putting them on seats and people thinking that it's from NJ Transit--oh, yeah, that's funny enough. And since I only have 7 people subscribed to this blog and two that read it for real and they don't even live in NJ never mind work for NJ Transit--well, that's the benefit of not having any readers, I guess.

Suddenly my commute is a lot more fun.

I need to mention now the book "Guerilla Art Kit" by Keri Smith which I read a while back and which I know paved the path to this. It's a very very cool book. If you are at all interested in doing some kind of art on the sly and just putting it out there, get this book and be a bit artistic AND subversive.


  1. Find your inner mute button!! AHAHAH! This is hilarious. How did people respond when they read them?? You prankster!

  2. Oh Susan, I never realized you were so subversive! This is such a funny idea, I would love to know how people react...

  3. The two! Hahaha!
    Well, Lime, that is one of the problems is that I couldn't tell from the back of his/her head (I wasnt sure--it looked like a guy reached over and took it but, if he didn't, then a woman sat in the seat I left the first one on). I would love to position myself across from or in front of the next ones. Either way--that first one was NOT left on the seat! I'm cackling like an art witch as I print off 8 more.
    Leslie--this is VERY similar to you leaving that plush near the library! It's only subversive in that it's art left out unexpectedly.

    Nobody was harmed in the creation of these brochures hahaha.
    I will keep you posted!
    Thanks for commenting!

  4. You clever, funny girl! Hey, I read this blog for real too, so change your reader number to three.
    I love your celebration programs, and I totally agree with Lime - "find your inner mute button" - I could really use one of these at our office - we have someone (a professional no less) who does not have an inside voice. We are privy to her private conversations and sometimes some really bawdy language. I really like this idea - not quite a toy drop, but a suggestion box drop!

  5. Hahaha, I think it is funny! And I read your blog too, so make that 4 readers! BTW I'm a member now too, somehow I thought I already was??? Mhh, well now I AM!

    I think that the suggestions are very funny! I can see it in my mind, like a movie.

    Too bad you didn't get to see their faces, you should really try too. We are all so curious! And not leaving it on their seat is a good sign! Keep it going!!