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Friday, March 16, 2012

Metal stamping

i love the look of stamped metal and about a month ago i bought two stamping sets at harbor freight

 at under $10 each, these are really industrial sets. 

i bought a 3 X 3 bench block from beadalon (via amazon) and i was able to get by using the house hammer. one great tip that i found online was to fill in the stamped letters with black sharpie (then wipe off any that ends up on the surface).  it's a fast way to get a great look. 

since my stamping set is really one used by, like, electricians to mark their parts, they don't even have a notch to tell you how to hold them  the correct way.  i got another tip online: use nail polish to mark the correct orientation of the letters. i took it one step farther and then marked what the letters are.
this should make things easier next time around.


  1. That is so cool, Susan!! I want to see how you use the finished product. Show us more!!

  2. Ehhh, I thought I had commented this too... But apparently I didn't??

    This is great, Susan! I have those as a bracelet and with coordinates stamped in. I like to go out geo caching, so I think that is great :-)
    Will you make this into a necklace? You could also use it as a charm on a bracelet. I'd love to see more too, Susan!