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Monday, February 20, 2012

Nuremberg Toy Fair Mascot--For Future Reference

 Thank you, David, for finding my camera USB wire! I forgot that I took photographs of this year's Nuremberg Toy Fair mascot to consider for future plush designs--to remind myself how totally cute mixed up patterns and unexpected colors can be.
I'm not usually fond of humanlike dolls but this costume totally caught my attention. If I post these pictures here, there's a much better chance that I'll find them later on : )

The red rocking horse is the official insignia of this fair and has been for as long as I know. The 2012 mascot has the design on her dress as well and here's a less-than-a-minute YOUTUBE video of the rocking horse showing up on the streets of Nuremberg that I have walked--in usually frighteningly cold weather--so many times.


  1. I love scrappy mixed up dolls too :). She's cute.

  2. I agree! Even her eyes are different--that's what I noticed first.