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Saturday, June 15, 2013

altered paintbrush

over at i joined the altered paintbrush swap that was organized by downtownmonsters. my partner was TheBrokenButterfly who had many terrific themes listed on her questionnaire.

the first two that she listed were Halloween and Pokemon, so I decided to do a mashup of those two themes. the swap called for using 2" paint brushes which are very affordable: mine was .99 at the local hardware store.

the paintbrush became a pokemon speed racer.

and the rider of the brush was this young witch:

as i wrote to Butterfly in my enclosed note, why should young wizards have all the fun?


  1. This really made me smile! What a fun way to incorporate her themes. I love this idea for a swap too. I'll need to go visit the gallery.

  2. This came out so cute, Susan! I never would have thought to add a stuffie to the paintbrush--you always come up with good ideas!

  3. thank you both!!
    you know, i think pretty much my philosopy is becoming--every swap needs a stuffie! haha