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Friday, May 24, 2013

a morsbag, a mug rug and a wrist pincushion

leslie and i organized our second morsbag swap on craftster. i was partnered with the fabulous sharalee and this is what i made for her:

 a morsbag, of course! i went with four different fabrics for the bag and a fifth fabric for the handles. find out all about morsbags and how to make them here.

sharalee likes owls and listed a mug rug as an extra that she would like to have. this owl has one surprised eye that's perfect for a beverage. i also sent along a large kit kat which will fit nicely on the owl, too.

sharalee mentioned pin cushions and i found a great tute for a wrist pincushion here

she's a star wars fan and i already had some cool star wars blueprint fabric in my stash : )

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